Chilli Africa

Chilli Africa™ specialises in producing Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce a uniquely South African sweet chilli sauce of superior quality.

Chilli Africa™, established in 1999 on a farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, is a company committed to developing people and supporting them in the realisation of their potential. This is achieved by providing entrepreneurial opportunities and training, for those employed on the farm, through the production and development of an exclusive, genuinely South African sweet chilli sauce.

Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce

Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce is made from chillies and other fresh, natural ingredients that are sourced and carefully selected from farmers in KwaZulu-Natal. By delicately blending together these ingredients Chilli Africa™ produces a sauce distinctive in both flavour and origin.

A Unique Blend of Sweet and Spicy

Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce has a subtle apricot base which, when combined with the chillies that on their own are spicy and hot, gives it a mild sweet flavour. The unique balance of sweet and chilli flavours,
without the overpowering bite of many hot pepper sauces, makes Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce incredibly versatile providing countless culinary opportunities for both the avid chilli lover and the less intrepid sweet chilli sauce fan. Jam-packed with taste Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce is free from artificial colourants and flavourants.

Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce comes in Mild, Hot or Extra Hot and is packaged either in a classic glass or easy-to-use plastic bottle. The original Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce, packaged in a 250ml glass bottle, is easily identified and differentiated by the trademark beads around the neck of the bottle.

Deliciously Versatile

Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce is guaranteed to enhance the flavour of any meal. Use liberally as a marinade or baste for all red meat, fish and chicken dishes. Mix Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce with freshly chopped Italian parsley and a tub of smooth cream cheese for a quick and easy dip, sandwich spread or baked potato filler. Drizzle a few tablespoons into your stir fry, or use simply as a dipping sauce with spring rolls, fajitas or tortillas.

Not only is Dukuduku® Sweet Chilli Sauce a delicious accompaniment to any dish, but nutritionally, chillies contain three times as much Vitamin C as oranges, and twice as much Vitamin A as carrots, and the alkaloids from the capsaicin in the chilli improve the whole digestion process. So go on, do yourself a favour…